Vale is unique workspace. Situated in a quiet, blind valley of granite hills and lush creek beds 25Km Nth of Tamworth NSW, big studio options meet bespoke creative atmospheres. Demos through to masters. All in a century old tobacco drying shed.


At the heart is a 56 channel analogue Midas L3000 console featuring the reknown XL3 pre-amps and XL-4 EQs. Recording is to 24 in/out HD. Alternatively you can turn back the clock and run sessions on analogue 8-track, stay there, or transfer your basic work and continue in the digital realm. Stereo recorders are 1/4" 2 track analogue, DAT or 2-track HD.


Monitoring is thoroughly old-school with Auratones, NS10s and JBL 4410.


Outboard is a blend of older and newer. A wide selection of microphones are on hand and the headphone sends have been regarded as the best many have experienced.


Instrument wise, over 23 guitars are available to cover any style, including dobros and pedal steel. There are Leslie units, a Hammond L100 from 1965, a 77 note Fender Rhodes, upright piano, a host of amps, funky pedals and boxes.


You play, we play, You produce, we produce.


Soundtrack work is increasingly the focus, yet, isn't it all a soundtrack in one way or another?



Leigh IVIN

+61 427 537883

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